Ferdinand V (c.10 March 1452–23 January 1516) was jure uxoris King of Castile from January 1, 1475 to November 26, 1504 in right of his wife Isabel I. Also known as Ferdinand the Catholic, he was at the time the reigning King of Sicily (1468-1516) and would later become King of Aragon (1479-1516, as Ferdinand II), thereby reign over Naples, Valencia, and other titles and states.

Possession of the JournalEdit

In 1502, Cesare Borgia confiscated the book known as the Shepherd's Journal from Leonardo da Vinci and handed it over to Ferdinand V in an effort to gain favor on the outset of the Spanish Inquisition. Ferdinand took no real interest in the book, believing it to be heretical. Nevertheless, he hid it away in his castle as opposed to destroying it. While never proven, it is believed he actually did try to destroy the book, but found that it could not be done.

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