Leif Eriksson (c.970-1020) was a Norse explorer who is recognized as the first European to land in North America more than five hundred years before Christopher Columbus. He is credited with the finding of Vinland and establishing a temporary settlement there. He is recognized as a Keeper of the Journal.

The Shepherd's JournalEdit

It is believed that Leif Eriksson was not aware of Thorfinn Karlsefni's vow to recover the book known as The Shepherd's Journal and return it to Iceland. This would be largely because of Leif, who was born in Iceland, preferring Greenland to be his home following an earlier banishment from Iceland. Thus, he was not aware of the importance to the book when he found it while settling in Vinland.

It is unknown whether or not Leif made any sort of attempt to find Atlantis, though it is likely that he did not due to his ceasing to sail after returning to Greenland from Vinlheless, he is regarded as a Keeper of the Journal due o it being in his possession.

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