Snorri Thorfinnsson was an Icelandic figure recognized as the first European born in the New World. He was also key in the Christianisation of Iceland. Furthermore, he is recognized as a Keeper of the Journal and whose father is believed to be the Thorfinn who vowed to return the book known as the Shepherd's Journal to Iceland.)

Snorri's Failed Voyage[edit | edit source]

At some point in his life, Snorri came into possession of the book his father wanted to see brought back to Iceland. Instead, Snorri would attempt to search for the fabled lost continent of Atlantis himself, believing it was the duty of his family to do so.

His expedition would return to the New World, though tensions between the two sides were once again in place. After numerous struggles and battles, Snorri would return to Europe empty-handed. It is believed that to assure safe passage home, he bartered away the book to the indigenous people of the land. Since then, he would remain in Iceland for the rest of his life.

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