Not much is known about the former Queen of Atlantis, only that she was the mother of Kida and the wife of the king and her death was the sole reason why the king wanted the people to forget their heritage and culture.

When the tsunami was coming for Atlantis, the Queen tried to escape with her family. However, Kida loses her doll and tries to get it, so The Queen stopped and told her to "just leave it. there is no time". Because of this hesitation, she was chosen and caught by the crystal's light. The Queen was bonded to the crystal and carried towards it. The crystal used her energy to form a protective barrier around the city though the city still sank under the sea.

When the Queen was carried towards the crystal she unknowingly took her daughter's bracelet with her. She remained bonded to the crystal too long and thus was lost to it, resulting in her physical death.

After the Queen's death and the fall of the Empire of Atlantis, the King wrestled with tremendous guilt and shame, ultimately deciding to hide the crystal under the city and work towards erasing the Atlantean history. He believed that doing so would prevent history's repeat and thus protect and preserve the people and their way of life, even if they forgot why. The King also wished to protect his daughter, fearing that should another calamity strike Atlantis, the Crystal would choose Princess Kida, like it had her Mother.


She is shown to be worried about her family in danger, and when the city was and Kida tried to get her doll back her mother told her to just leave it there and that they didn't have time, this shows she cares for her daughter. Her husband Kashekim, loved her deeply refering to her as his beloved wife.

Atlantis: The Lost EmpireEdit

Kidas mom being levitated towards the crystal

In the intro, when Atlantis was about to engulfed by a tsunami, The Queen of Atlantis tried to escape with her family, but was slowed down by kida who had lost her doll, while she is explaining to kida that there is no time to go back for it she is chosen by the Heart of Atlantis, the crystal powering the city and fuses with it to protect the people, but the city sinks under the sea and she was lost to the crystal forever, leaving her husband widowed and her daughter Kida without a mother. At the end when Kida is released from the crystal, she was holding the bracelet her mother took with her when she is carried towards the crystal, stating she met with her mother in the afterlife.



  • The Quenn is voiced by Jennifer Seguin.
  • The Queen talks Atlantean instead of English when her words only match the dialogue
  • The Queen is uncredited during the cast lists part.
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