Type Armored submarine
Length 382 Feet
Weight 18,750 tons (in dry dock)
Speed 18 knots
Crew 201
Armament 12 torpedo launchers, each with 120 DH-11 high explosive proximity torpedoes. Launchers have 180 degrees of movement. 22 independently launched attack subpods.
Status Destroyed

The Ulysses was a submarine vehicle from the surface world. It was developed by Whitmore Industries to serve as the primary transportation vessel in the expedition to find Atlantis. The ship serves as an iconic image in the promotion of the film Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

The Ulysses is massive, much larger than the average submarine in that time. It is big enough to house up to two hundred passengers and numerous other vehicles while still maintaining some moving space within. The bridge is located within a glass enclosure at the front of the ship, the glass thick enough to withstand immense pressure.

The Ulysses was featured in Atlantis: The Lost Empire, during which the expedition encountered the Leviathan. While the submarine was designed to withstand a great deal of damage, it was clearly not able to take on the energy discharges from the Leviathan. The blasts proved to be too much, forcing the crew to abandon ship before its engines exploded and was ultimately destroyed by one final energy discharge.

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